Strengthening Indigenous Women’s Cultural Economy2

This humble project seeks to support inter-generational relations between elders and young women to teach traditional Kichwa ceramic making to the young women. This is also an opportunity to strengthen communities and support the transmission of indigenous knowledge as the women work together to create and paint the pottery.

Additionally, this project hopes to reignite the use of traditional ceramics for meals to replace the excessive use of disposable tableware within homes and at local events. Thus, this project both helps the environment and affirms indigenous culture.

To support the women’s economy, Sacha Warmi connects artisans to buyers so that the women can purchase goods their families need. While Sacha Warmi is an intermediary in the process, we do not profit from this project so that all proceeds return to the women. The ceramics program benefits transmission of culture, environmental goals and the economic situation of indigenous women.

«Uru Warmi» ceramicist Kichwa women firing pieces of tableware for the project «Cultural Economy to reduce Contamination».

The Sacha Warmi team