Women Potters from Pastaza

The ceramics created the Kichwa women of Pastaza are one of the pillars that sustain and nurture their cultural identity. Not only do they make ceramics for domestic use, such as the mokawa to drink chicha (a fermented cassava drink), or the uchú manga and kaliana for spicy broths, but through the anthropomorphic designs with which they decorate their ceramics, women can communicate their mythology and worldview, revealing the invisible world of the spiritual beings of nature. This is essential for keeping alive the culture of their ancestors.

This project supports Pastaza women who craft ceramics, who aim to preserve their art and disseminate their knowledge, especially to younger women. It also seeks to generate a greater appreciation of this art in the Western world. The sale of these beautiful pieces complements the income of families and improves their household economies.

The Sacha Warmi team