Training in Photography, Video Making, Website & Other Social Media

This internship trains young indigenous Kichwa men and women to have communication skills enabling them to manage the Pueblo Ancestral Kawsak Sacha (People of the Living Forest) communication program. These young adults travel to Puyo, the capital city of the Pastaza province. The Sacha Warmi hosts these participants throught their training.

Most recently, we created a web page for their organization with a series of video clips which present their projects. As the next round of training continues, the participants will be trained by local professionals and will be connected with another local indigenous youth communication program from the regional indigenous organization, CONFENIA. The PAAKS interns will will travel to the CONFENIA organization’s territory to record audio-visual materials. After, they will return to Puyo to learn how to edit their videos

By the end of the internships, the participants will have the capacity to fully run the PAAKS communication program. Skills the students will have include updating the PAAKS website, running the social media pages, filming and editing videos and sharing them across social media platforms. After their training ends, Sacha Warmi will continue to support the youth as a resource moving forward.

The Sacha Warmi team