Regenerating Ecosystems and Improving Natural Environments

José Norberto Canelos Vargas

This project provides training in seed germination techniques, propagation, cultivation and plant management to reforest and regenerate deteriorated ecosystems, improving the state of nature within indigenous communities.

This project is dedicated to the memory of José Norberto Canelos Vargas, a young Kichwa man from the Canelos Commune, who suddenly passed away on January 26, 2021. Before his passing, José Norberto produced 20,000 seedlings for a local reforestation initiative. This project seeks to fulfill José Norberto’s dream to create a space dedicated to regenerating degraded ecosystems and to increase environmental education within his community.

Rosa and Ainoa, sister and daughter of the late Norberto Canelos, in the 20,000 seedling nursery.

The Sacha Warmi team