Newsletter – Sacha Warmi Foundation, January – March 2022

Dear friends, Fulfilling our mission, we share with you the latest activities carried out to conserve biological diversity and preserve cultural diversity in the Ecuadorian Amazon.

Traditional Foodways

“The chakra (garden) is the family, it nourishes us, it is our life. We live with the chakra and we die with the chakra”. (P. Aguinda, San José de Wapuno)

This project seeks to strengthen threatened traditional food systems, ensure the intergenerational transmission of knowledge, the conservation of biological diversity and the cultural diversity. Foodways link with identity, land and health.

Through this project, the links between food, identity and territory and health are reinforced.

Judith Huatatoca, Women's Leader of the Arajuno Communities Association (ACIA), during the Food Festival held in March 2022 at ACIA's headquarters.

Started in 2021, this project is carried out in coordination and with the support of People and Plants International.

Although the chakra is the domain of women, where they cultivate manioc, among other food and medicinal plants, men also participate in different tasks such as the planting of banana, corn, tobacco.
Representation of the spirit world of the chakra (garden) and the yaku (river). Rosa Canelos, 2022.

Intercultural healthcare

Sacha Warmi continues to support the strengthening of traditional indigenous healthcare systems and the intercultural dialogue for an appropriate integration with Western medicine.

January 26: Experiential workshop at the SWC (Sacha Warmi Center) with students of the Center for Integrative Medicine (CMI-Quito) for the closing of classes taught by Didier during the year 2021.
February 15: Workshop at the SWC with students from the "World Learning" organization on Intercultural Communication.
February 23-24: Women's workshop of the Mayaik Association, on herbal medicine making, in the land of the " Pueblo Shuar Arutam".

Reconstruction of the "Casa de Cerámica"

Our deepest gratitude to all those who supported us in order to start with the reconstruction of the “Casa de Cerámica” (destroyed by an accidental fire in October 2021), which allowed for the above-mentioned workshops to take place.

We still need to put up the walls, doors, windows and furniture. We need your support to finish the reconstruction of this important space in the Sacha Warmi Center. For this last phase of reconstruction we need an additional $2000.
Ceramic lampshade hanging from the ceiling: valuing the art of the Kichwa women of Pastaza.

SACHA TAKI - voices and songs of the jungle.

Thanks to the visit of Michel André and Antonio Sánchez, from the Applied Bioacoustics Laboratory (LAB) of the Polytechnic University of Catalonia, in February, a first node was installed to start sound recording tests in the land of “Pueblo Ancestral Kichwa Kawsak Sacha”, in the region of the lower Curaray River. This is the most sophisticated remote monitoring system ever used, which will make it possible to know the state of health of the biodiversity and the threats in their land.

Bioacoustics is the sound of life itself. This scientific miracle will help to give nature and culture a powerful voice to be heard and to understand the importance and value of biocultural diversity for our world.

Installation of the first node, with members of the Lorocachi and Yana Yaku communities.

II Workshop on Communication in Kawsak Sacha (Lorocachi March 18-19).

Technicians from the 6 Kawsak Sacha communities practicing interviews during the workshop.
II workshop on Communication with “Pueblo Ancestral Kichwa Kawsak Sacha”, in Ecuadorian Amazon.

Some insights on the II training workshop for communication technicians from the 7 communities of the Ancestral Kichwa Kawsak Sacha People (Lower Kuraray River Basin, Pastaza Province, Ecuadorian Amazon).

"We are not the defenders of the rainforest, we are the rainforest defending itself"

Visitors in 2022

Dominik Scheu (Switzerland), friend and member of Sacha Warmi, is now with us and continues to support us with forest restoration on his land next to the Sacha Warmi Center.

Juraj Penciak (Slovakia), friend and member of Sacha Warmi, visited us between December 2021 and February 2022. Our thanks for the teachings he shared about the processes of transformation of medicinal plants that he has developed over many years of life in direct contact with Amazonian plants.

Thank you to all of you who have been supporting Sacha Warmi's mission allowing us continue accompany indigenous peoples in their efforts to conserve biological diversity and preserve cultural diversity in the Ecuadorian Amazon.

The Sacha Warmi team

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