Newsletter – Sacha Warmi Foundation, November 2022

Strengthening endangered traditional food systems

Faced with the various social, cultural and economic changes generated by development, we continue to accompany and support women, men, youth and children of the Association of Indigenous Communities of Arajuno -ACIA, and the Tzatzapi Community (Canelos) to reassess the importance and the value to their traditional production and food systems, through the recovery of forgotten seeds, the inter-generational transmission of knowledge and the celebration of traditional food festivals, as the fundamental basis of their food security and sovereignty.

Drawing Scarleth Grefa (11)

Indigenous and Intercultural Health

For the revitalization and promotion of the use of medicinal plants, with a focus on the construction of indigenous and intercultural programs, the Waorani Organization of Pastaza -OWAP requested Sacha Warmi to train members of their communities of the Curaray and Ishpingo rivers in the elaboration of improved natural remedies.

Strengthening the communication program of the organization Pueblo Ancestral Kichwa Kawsak Sacha: The Rights of Nature

In coordination with the group “Voices of the Forest”, the head of the Communication Program (William Grefa) participated in June in a training workshop for para-ecologists.

Rosa Canelos, director of the Women, Family and Territory Program of Sacha Warmi, made valuable contributions to the video on “The Rights of Nature”.

The living rainforest under threat! Illegal extraction of flora and fauna in the Lower Curaray River

A report by journalist Ana Minga on trafficking of timber and other natural resources in the territory of the Kichwa Kawsak Sacha Ancestral Pueblo, the Yasuní Park and the Tagaeri-Taromenane Intangible Zone.

Territorial defense: delivery of the project for the construction of the Life Plan of ACIA

Panoramic view over the ACIA territory

At the request of the Association of Indigenous Communities of Arajuno -ACIA, we wrote and designed a proposal for the construction of their Life Plan; a useful tool to defend their territorial autonomy against the threat of the entrance of Pluspetrol, one of the subsidiaries of the Agip Group, into their territory.

Agroforestry and forest restoration

We continue planting more trees in degraded areas. This year we planted 500 trees of twenty different species, including timber, food, fruit, palm and cultural trees.

Restoring degraded pasture land

We also provided support to strengthen the wonderful work of a young kichwa woman from the Tzatzapi community, where she planted 180 trees of 25 different native fruit, palm and cultural species.

Agroforestry initiative in the Tzatzapi community

Reconstruction of the “Casa de Cerámica”: workshops with Global Learning.

Thanks to the generosity of some donors, we are a few steps away from finishing the reconstruction of the “Casa de Cerámica”, the space where workshops and meetings are held and where ceramic pieces made by Kichwa women and natural products from Florasana are exhibited. In this new space, in February and September, meetings were held with groups of students from the World Learning organization.

Volunteers at Sacha Warmi Center

Alisha Kendrick Prahan, a Fullbright student, visited us between September and October to learn about the role of women with indigenous health. Our thanks to her for her support with video editing.

Alex Cristodoulou and Dylan Souquet, M.A. students from the Middlebury Institute of International Studies were with us from October 8 to November 8 to carry out their field work with interviews on interpersonal and environmental conflicts in Indigenous territories.


We thank all the institutions and individuals who have supported us in various ways throughout this year 2022, especially EarthWays Foundation and People Plants International.


We need your support to continue with our work for the conservation of biological diversity and the preservation of cultural diversity in the Ecuadorian Amazon.

Thank you very much.

The Sacha Warmi team

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