Indigenous and Intercultural Healthcare

For the revitalization and promotion of the use of medicinal plants, with a focus on the construction of indigenous and intercultural programs, the Waorani Organization of Pastaza -OWAP requested Sacha Warmi to train members of their communities of the Curaray and Ishpingo rivers in the elaboration of improved natural remedies.

Newsletter – Sacha Warmi Foundation, November 2022

Newsletter – Sacha Warmi Foundation, November 2022 Strengthening endangered traditional food systems Faced with the various social, cultural and economic changes generated by development, we continue to accompany and support women, men, youth and children of the Association of Indigenous Communities of Arajuno -ACIA, and the Tzatzapi Community (Canelos) to reassess the importance and the […]

Para-ecologists for the Rights of Nature

This short film gives a brief overview on how Ecuador became the first country in the world in 2008 to enshrine a set of codified Rights of Nature which embodies the “sumak kawsay” or buen vivir in Spanish (‘good living’) principles. SALUD PROPIA The human societies maintain complex and multiple relations with the beings and […]

Newsletter – Sacha Warmi Foundation, January – March 2022

Newsletter – Sacha Warmi Foundation, January – March 2022 Dear friends, Fulfilling our mission, we share with you the latest activities carried out to conserve biological diversity and preserve cultural diversity in the Ecuadorian Amazon. Traditional Foodways “The chakra (garden) is the family, it nourishes us, it is our life. We live with the chakra […]

NEWSLETTER – Sacha Warmi Foundation, November 2021.

“SACHA TAKI: Voices and Songs of the Rainforest” Saving an endangered Biocultural World Heritage The soundscape heritage of the bio-cultural diversity of Pue Agro-biodiversity and Food Sovereignty In partnership with the “Traditional Foodways” project of People and Plants International Not just about food sovereignty, but most of all the relationship to the nourishing earth, to […]

Newsletter – Sacha Warmi Foundation, February – June 2021

Cultural Economy to Reduce Contamination Thanks to the generous support of the EarthWays foundation, Rosa was able to begin a new initiative called “Cultural Economy to Reduce Contamination”, in collaboration with an organization of Kichwa female ceramicists, Uru Warmi, in Canelos. This project supported the Uru Warmi Association to make 2,250 pieces of tableware ceramics […]

Sacred Plants in The Americas: Giving back to Indigenous Communities

Supporting the reevaluation of indigenous health systems in Amazonia. Presentation by Didier Lacaze to the International Conference: Sacred Plants in The Americas. April 25, 2021. 1. Why speak about reevaluation or revitalization of Traditional Medicines (TM)? Because historical and current and multiple changes and transformations are among the leading causes for cultural loss and deterioration […]