Support to the communication program of Pueblo Ancestral Kichwa Kawsak Sacha

After the creation of the website [] and Facebook page [] of Pueblo Ancestral Kichwa Kawsak Sacha in March 2021, William Grefa and Jesús Inmunda, young Kichwa from Kawsak Sacha, after an initial training process in Puyo now make up the communication team of Kawsak Sacha. From the organization’s office, they manage the website and Facebook page to publicize the projects and activities that their organization has been carrying out for 28 years in favor of the conservation of biological and cultural diversity in their territory.

In February 2021, Sacha Warmi delivered filming and recording equipment to 5 communities, so that the first designated technicians become familiar with the technology. It is still necessary to support the technicians in charge of the communities with training and to strengthen the communication program, so that the materials (photos, videos, sounds and information in general) can reach the communication team based in Puyo for dissemination on social networks.

The Sacha Warmi team