The Amazon is synonymous with DIVERSITY. Biocultural diversity comprises the diversity of life in all its manifestations – biological, cultural and linguistic (See Annex 1) – which are interrelated (and probably co-evolved) within a complex socio-ecological adaptive system (Maffi, 2010). The areas of interaction between biological and cultural diversity include: linguistic diversity, material culture, knowledge and technologies, livelihoods, economic relations, social relations, belief systems (See Annex 2). In the Amazon, society and nature have constituted each other over millennia, and it is not possible to understand or protect one without considering the other, since both form a single link.

“Sacha Taki – Voices and Song of the Rainforest” works toward the goal of having the United Nations (UNESCO) recognize and declare the Indigenous lands as World Bio-cultural Heritage.

            “Our forest sings, through all the living beings in it… We sing to the forest, and we want it to be like that forever”. (Nancy Santi, Kuraka of Pueblo Ancestral Kichwa   Kawsak Sacha 2018-2020).

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