“SACHA TAKI: Voices and Songs of the Rainforest”

Saving an endangered Biocultural World Heritage

SACHA TAKI: Voices and Songs of the Rainforest
The soundscape heritage of the bio-cultural diversity of Pueblo Ancestral Kichwa Kawsak Sacha (Ecuadorian Amazon)

The soundscape heritage of the bio-cultural diversity of Pue

Agro-biodiversity and Food Sovereignty

In partnership with the “Traditional Foodways” project of People and Plants International

Not just about food sovereignty, but most of all the relationship to the nourishing earth, to fertility,
to the power to give life, to the possibility of existence of the cycles of the living.

Indigenous Kichwa woman (above) passing on “Paju” to a younger woman (below);
a gift to harness the power of life for plant growth and garden fertility.

While too often now the main focus is on the utilitarian, therefore privatizable and commercial use of nature, reduced to the state of available resources.


On October 9, an accidental fire destroyed the “House of Ceramics” at Sacha Warmi Center.

You see, palm thatched roofs need to be kept dry inside as this helps them last longer. This requires regular “smoking” by creating a fire inside with wet logs. In a traditional home, this happens naturally when a fire is built for cooking. Since we don’t use a fire to cook as indigenous people do, we need to smoke the roof regularly, twice per week; which is what we had been doing for years. This particular day, however, was very hot and dry. So, when Omar, Sacha Warmi’s caretaker, began the smoke, it seems a spark escaped up to the roof, lighting a fire which consumed the whole house in just a half-hour.  

Built in 2016, this was the space where we received visitors, held meetings and workshops; so it was a very important space to our work.

We are launching a small fundraising campaign with the goal of replacing the burned building with a new structure.
The estimated cost for gathering all the construction materials needed is approximately $1500. Sacha Warmi will cover all the work-labor.

We would be so grateful for your help. Thank you very much.

The Sacha Warmi team

Send a check to:
Friends of Sacha Warmi USA
PO Box 696 – Bolinas – CA 94924

Or make a transfer to:
Friends of Sacha Warmi
Account Number: 2021921 – Routing / ABA Number 026003379
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